Twenty Nine Studio & Production is a company created in 2017 by Rosa Spaliviero and Sammy Baloji. It offers all consultancy, research, prospecting and production activities in the fields of artistic practice in its various forms, particularly in the visual and audiovisual arts.


Sammy Baloji is a visual artist and photographer. Since 2005, he has been exploring the memory and history of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His work is a ongoing research into the cultural, architectural and industrial heritage of the Katanga region, as well as a questioning of the effects of Belgian colonization. His work highlights how identities are shaped, transformed, perverted and reinvented. He co-founded Picha in 2008, the organization which initiated the Biennale de Lubumbashi.


As a film company, Twenty Nine focuses mainly on creative documentaries and artists films. Rosa Spaliviero supports innovative cinema and young filmmakers in their most daring film projects with a strong social or political dimension. She chooses to produce films that show an openness to the world with a unique aesthetic device. She was a producer for Atelier Graphoui for 7 years before starting work in Senegal, DR Congo and Belgium as an independent film producer. As a founding member of Picha, she is involved in the Biennale de Lubumbashi since 2008 as a film curator and a production manager.


The activities of Twenty Nine Studio & Production are supported by Estelle Lecaille, Marek Szponik and Minne De Meyer Engelbeen. Estelle Lecaille is an art historian, teacher, art critic and curator at mòsso in Brussels, an independent collaborative platform of contemporary art practices that develops and supports international projects in Europe with the Global South. Since 2016, she works as production and research manager with artist Sammy Baloji at Twenty Nine Studio & Production.

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