news 03/09/2022 Type: Day of Encounters: Constructed Histories, Conflicted Memories, Kanal, Bruxelles
news 17/11/2021 Type: performance

Performance Kasala, De Singel, Anvers

news 19/10/2021 Type: group exhibition

Europa, Oxalà, Mucem, Marseille

news 16/10/2021 Type: On Sculpture, De Singel, Anvers
news 16/09/2021 Type: talk

Sammy Baloji invites Mo Laudi, On Sculpture, De Singel, Anvers

news 10/09/2021 Type: colloque

Afriques : Utopies performatives, Cité des Arts, Paris

news 02/09/2021 Type: solo show

Stories from the city, Imane Farès, Paris

news 05/07/2021 Type: … and to those North Sea waves whispering sunken stories, In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres
news 03/07/2021 Type: group show

Inventer la couleur, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Agen

news 11/06/2021 Type: solo show

K(C)Congo, fragments of Interlaced Dialogues, Beaux Arts de Paris

news 29/05/2021 Type: group show

Congoville, Middelheim Museum, Anvers

news 27/05/2021 Type: installation

… and to those North Sea waves whispering sunken stories, Zeebrugge

news 27/03/2021 Type: group show

This is not Africa, Unlearn what you have learned, Aros, Aarhus

news 09/03/2021 Type: group show

Ce qui s'oublie et ce qui reste, Musée national de l'immigration, Paris

news 08/02/2021 Type: workshop

International design workshop, Antwerpen

news 04/02/2021 Type: radio

Hospitality, Kanal, Brussels

news 08/01/2021 Type: talk

Audiovisual presentation and talk on Rising Up at Night

news 15/12/2020 Type: group show

Crystal clear, Pera Museum, Istanbul

news 07/12/2020 Type: conference

Des sculptures pourquoi et pour qui ?, Grand Palais, Paris

news 06/11/2020 Type: edition

Vocabulaire(s), Sammy Baloji

news 24/10/2020 Type: group show

Viva Villa !, collection Lambert, Avignon

news 20/10/2020 Type: public space

Johari-Brass Band, Grand Palais, Paris

news 16/10/2020 Type: screening

festival Congo in Harlem, New York

news 14/10/2020 Type: group show

Kinshasa Chroniques, Cité de l'architecture, Paris

news 19/09/2020 Type: group show

Trance Action, MuZee, Ostende

news 18/09/2020 Type: group show

Affleurements Mucem, Marseille

news 10/09/2020 Type: solo show

Sammy Baloji. Kasala: The Slaughterhouse of Dreams or the First Human, Bende’s Error, galerie Imane Farès, Paris

news 22/08/2020 Type: group show

Sammlung, MMK, Francfort

news 21/08/2020 Type: solo show

Other Tales, Kunsthal, Aarhus, Denmark

news 20/08/2020 Type: podcast

Sammy Baloji in conversation with Mpho Matsipa

news 29/07/2020 Type: group show

Global(e) resistance, Centre Pompidou, Paris

news 09/07/2020 Type: group show

Dans le tourbillon du tout-monde, Villa Médicis, Rome

news 30/06/2020 Type: group show

A toi appartient le monde (...), Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

news 26/06/2020 Type: solo show

Excavating Contemporary Archaeology, Kunsthal, Aarhus

news 06/06/2020 Type: award

Machini received the special mention at the Festival Le Court en dit long

news 01/04/2020 Type: screening

Up at Night at the 24th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

news 16/03/2020 Type: group show

The World to come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, DePaul Art Museum, Chicago

news 09/03/2020 Type: group show

Nirin, Biennale of Sydney

news 20/02/2020 Type: group show

Notre monde brûle, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

news 14/02/2020 Type: solo show

Other Tales, Lunds Konsthall

news 28/11/2019 Type: Award

The IDFA Award for Best Short Documentary goes to Nelson Makengo's brilliant Up at Night.

news 27/11/2019 Type: group show

Tell me about tomorrow, Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism, Munich

news 21/11/2019 Type: group show

Fiction Congo Rietberg Museum, Zürich

news 20/11/2019 Type: Screening


news 15/11/2019 Type: SCREENING


news 29/10/2019 Type: REVIEW

A Lubumbashi, le parcours du combattant des artistes congolais

news 12/10/2019 Type: group show

Traversées / Kim Sooja, Poitiers

news 05/10/2019 Type: solo show

Congo, fragments d'une histoire, Le Point du Jour, Cherbourg

news 30/09/2019 Type: SCREENING

Belgian Premiere Machini at FIFF (Namur)

news 01/09/2019 Type: residency

Villa Medicis, Rome

news 26/07/2019 Type: solo show

Extractive Landscapes Summer Academy, Salzburg

news 24/07/2019 Type: screening

N'GOLÁ, Biennial of arts and culture, São Tomé e Príncipe