Hunting & collecting, Sammy Baloji

  • date: 2014
  • genre catalogue
  • Publisher Galerie Imane Farès Paris & MuZEE Ostende

Kaniama Show, Baloji

Special Jury Price FIFF, Namur, Belgium, 2018 Grand Prize Djibril Diop Mambéty, Dakar Court Festival, Senegal, 2018

  • Pays: BE/RDC
  • Date: 2018
  • Type: Fiction
  • genre film
  • Cast: Eriq Ebouaney, Bwanga Pilipili, Eric Kabongo, Martha Canga Antonia
  • Script: Baloji with the collaboration of Giordano Gederlini
  • Image: Tom Vantorre
  • Sound: Paul Maernoudt, Marc Bastien & Franco Piscopo
  • Editing : Thomas Vandecasteele

The Tower: a concrete utopia, Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck

A guided tour by “Docteur”, the owner and maker of an enigmatic and programmatic building, offers a reflection on the legacy of colonial modernist architecture in Kinshasa, the social afterlives of colonialist infrastructure, and different historical and contemporary utopian visions of the city.

Produced by Twenty Nine Studio & Production, with the support of Atelier Graphoui. The film is funded by the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA) at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

  • Langue: French Spoken with English Subtitles
  • Durée: 70'
  • langue: BE/RDC
  • Date: 2015
  • Type: Experimental video
  • Image: Sammy Baloji
  • Sound: Filip De Boeck
  • Editing Sébastien Demeffe

Ce-qui-fut-et-ce-qui-sera, Sammy Baloji

Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l”exposition“Arracher quelques bribes précises au vide qui se creuse”, à la Galerie Art & Essai (Rennes). Elle est le résultat de la collaboration entre l”artiste Sammy Baloji et la promotion du master Métiers et Arts de l”Exposition (2017-2018) de l'université Rennes 2. La coordination de l'ouvrage est assurée par Béatrice Didier, Caroline Le Saux et Aude Sinquin. Il réunit des textes de Julien Bondaz, Baptiste Brun, Jean-François Chevrier, Dominique Malaquais, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, ainsi qu'une conversation entre l'artiste Sammy Baloji et Lotte Arndt.

  • date 2019
  • genre book
  • Publisher MAE Rennes

Other Tales, Sammy Baloji

“Other Tales” is Sammy Baloji’s first solo exhibition in both Sweden and Denmark. It offers an opportunity to introduce, through Baloji’s œuvre, a larger conversation on the continuous colonial gestures and actions that tie the West to African territories, specifically the Congo. While presenting an overview of Baloji’s most recent productions, the exhibition also offers a broad insight into his investigative methodology.

  • date 2020
  • genre catalogue
  • Publisher Lundskonsthall & Kunsthal Aarhus

Kasala, The Slaughterhouse of Dreams or the First Human, Bende's Error, Sammy Baloji

The Slaughterhouse of Dreams is a performance, video and interactive installation around the transmission of Luba specific history through mnemonic objets and orality.

A contemporary Kasala written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila - a Congolese author based in Graz, Austria - on expropriations of diamond diggers is recited by the author himself accompanied by Patrick Dunst on saxophone and Grilli Pollheimer on the drums. On stage, copper musical instruments (a drum and a trumpet) whose surface has been marked by traditional scarification are presented. In the meanwhile, the performance is recorded and transposed into an interactive installation where images of Con- golese television reports are mixed with images of X Ray scanned sculptures and images of Mbudye dancers. The public is thus able to interact and choose what they want to see and listen to.

  • date 2019